Alex + Ute

Who is actually behind WiLLi the Label? First of all, of course, Willi himself. Then there's the two of us, Alex and Ute. We both work in the fashion industry, Ute as a producer and Alex as a stylist. WiLLi is a project of the heart for us.

We really wanted to wear our favorite children's drawing on our everyday clothes, just as perfectly imperfect as they were drawn. So we invented WiLLi the Label, a platform where families and friends can easily send us their little doodles and big works of art.

Every single drawing from you is welcome, and the realization as embroidery inspires us every time anew, because we know we can make you as happy with our products as we are.

we love local

Our trademarks are high quality, beautiful embroidery on clothes with the best quality. Any handwriting, drawing, or doodle, initials or names - everything is embroidered here with us in Munich.

Our products are either 100% cotton or wool for the caps. It is our concern to work mainly with small local studios and manufactures.